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Crystal Collection

Crystal maze team building

The Crystal maze was a very popular TV game show in the 1990’s and we’ve turned this game show into one of our most popular team building events for scouts and youth groups, The Crystal Collection.

We were one of the first companies to offer a crystal maze team building game and the very first of offer a full sized crystal dome which can fit all of your team inside. In fact we still are one of only a few which offer a proper crystal dome finale, and as you know without a proper crystal dome finale, it’s not really a crystal maze.

How does the Crystal collection event work?

At the beginning of the event, your host, who will be dressed as Richard O’Brian will split you in to teams and you will rotate around a number of crystal maze themed challenges trying to earn as many crystals as possible. The tasks will be a mixture of mental, physical (but not too physical) and skill just like the real show.

When the event starts each team will go to a different zone and if they complete the challenge successfully the teams will have to answer a riddle to obtain the crystal. The Crystal Collection is a good test of mental skills, teamwork and communication.  Just like the original crystal maze.

At the end of the games the teams will be brought together to see who has the most crystals. The top 2 teams will then compete in the Crystal dome  with the advantage going to the team with most crystals.

Our Crystal Maze team building event can either be run as a full or half team building day option.  This is a great event that encourages team communication, team bonding and brings out a competitive spirit while still creating a fun atmosphere.

If you would like to talk to us about this event or any of our Scout camp activities  please call us on 0114 270 0330.


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