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Looking ahead at Autumn and Winter

August 12, 2013 Jordan Summer CampsWinter Camps

Inflatable penalty shootout

Shoot for Goal at a Summer scout camp

The summer is well underway and many main summer scout camps have been and gone already. Like every year we’ve been to several residential camps this year and each one was different in the activities they put on and the other events taking place.  One thing is always the same though the Scouts love these long summer residential camps.

We’ve still got a few one day camps to attend before the schools resume in early September and we have activities booked at camps through the autumn months. As the year progresses the activities change with the weather. This summer some of our wet activities such as Water Wars and It’s a knockout have been hugely popular with scout groups as they offer a chance to cool down in the hotter weather.

The Autumn months generally sees a shift towards more active activities such as Human table football and includes some of our Team building activities. As December later November and December arrives the camps quieten down with the run up to Christmas but in the last few years Winter camps in the early months of the year have become incredibly popular. While much of the country shivers and complains about the cold we are always amazed at how the freezing conditions doesn’t stop the scouts for a second and the queues for our activities at Winter or freezer camps are as long as ever.

Jordan helping a quad

Jordan helping a quad

Every year our most popular winter activities are our excellent range of Motorised activities with our mixed quads being especially popular. The reason our quads are so popular is we offer a complete range from Children as young as 6 up to full adult sized quads which means everyone can have a go and no-one is left out. Last year, apart from our quads, we had out Mini JCB’s, Hovercrafts,  argocats from our motorised activities.

As well as motorised activities the popular activities in the winter are always those which keep everyone active such as Human table football and Laser tag and activities which can be set up indoors like our Giant 6 lane Scalextric.

If you would like to book any of our activities for camps at any point during the year please give us a call on 0114 270 0330 or fill in our contact us form. Alternatively you can click the live chat link on the left side of the page.

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