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Summer Camps

Summer Scout Camps

September 3, 2013 Jordan ActivitiesLaser tagQuadsSummer Camps

September not only marks the end of the school summer holidays but it also marks the end of the Scouts summer camp season. These camps take place at the majority of Scout activity centres across the UK, offering Scouts of all ages a variety of activities to try. This could be traditional backwoods cooking or […]



Looking ahead at Autumn and Winter

August 12, 2013 Jordan Summer CampsWinter Camps

The summer is well underway and many main summer scout camps have been and gone already. Like every year we’ve been to several residential camps this year and each one was different in the activities they put on and the other events taking place.  One thing is always the same though the Scouts love these […]



Our first visit to Milldale scout camp

May 8, 2013 Jordan ActivitiesLaser tagScout Camp reportsSummer Camps

What a fantastic Scout Camp Milldale in West Cheshire is, with its 7 acre activity field surrounded by 5 acres of mature woodland and a stream. This was the first time that we have been booked by West Cheshire Scouts to run some events for their district camp, so as always I was unsure of […]


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Top ten summer scout activities

May 1, 2013 Jordan ActivitiesLaser tagQuadsSummer Camps

Every summer we supply a range of activities to scout camps. The scout camps can range from single days to residential camps which can last a few weeks.  We supply a huge range of activities for these events but there are a few common activities which are usually busier than others.  Our top ten most […]


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