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Our first visit to Milldale scout camp

May 8, 2013 Jordan ActivitiesLaser tagScout Camp reportsSummer Camps

What a fantastic Scout Camp Milldale in West Cheshire is, with its 7 acre activity field surrounded by 5 acres of mature woodland and a stream. This was the first time that we have been booked by West Cheshire Scouts to run some events for their district camp, so as always I was unsure of what to expect. I had spoken to my contact Andrew a couple of days earlier to arrange a meeting place for our arrival at 7.30am. As soon as we arrived he was there to meet us and showed us the woods where the laser tag was to be set up. We had a large area of woodland to ourselves which we cordoned off to make a battle field.

Andrew brought us all a morning brew, and we made our way to the main activity field where we would be running our inflatable mangle and washing machine. As the camp was based on Dinosaurs we had bought some T-rex bones for the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to collect on the inflatable. This is just one example of how we try and make each of our events a success for our clients.

I was running the laser tag whilst Neil and Jev where running the Inflatable mangle. The activities started at 10am prompt and the Scouts where waiting in an orderly queue. This was achievable thanks to the three volunteer helpers that I had continually throughout the day. One commented “Great to meet you on Saturday; I thought the Laser tag and your other activities around the site were fantastic, as did the Scouts”.

As soon as the claxon sounded for lunch everyone stopped what they were doing and went back to their sub camps for lunch. After an hour break we continued with the activities until 16.30. The helpers I had in the afternoon where as good as the ones I had had in the morning, and they were all engaging with the Scouts.  At 16.30 the claxon sounded again and like at lunch time everyone taking part was happy to go back to their sub camps. This enabled us to move our van around the activity site without lots of children running about. This Report was Written by Alex Florensa who is one of our Senior Event Managers – Follow Alex on Twitter

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